The Office of Experiments works in the expanded field of contemporary art. With a focus on fieldwork, we are involved in acts of observation, interpretation and remediation of a world shaped by the building of communications networks, the enclosures of science and the logistic reality of global capitals material flow. Working with scientists, academics, activists and enthusiasts, we explore issues such as time, scale, control, power, cooperation and ownership, highlighting and navigating the spaces between complex bodies, organisations and events that form part of the industrial, military, scientific and technological complex.


The Hyper Sensor. Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, July-August 2015.
Imagining a large scale multi sensor network able to convert seismic or other cosmologial / temporal data into pure visual and auditory experience started with the field trial of the first hyper sensor. Developed for Office of Experiments with Rob Smith, Anna Troisi and Neal White. Supported by Experimental Media Research Group at Bournemouth University. For more information see link on front page.

The project was explored by Neal White in a recent talk on 'Cultures of the Anthropocene' at Royal Geographic Society Conference, Exeter University 2015.

INFOMOMA (The Frankfurt Equation) May-June 2014. A Field Project undertaken wth Portikus in relation to the exhibition; God is Great (10-19) John Latham | Neal White. The research involved sites rumoured in a conspiracy theory involving the NSA (European Cryptologic Centre - Dagger Complex), High Speed Financial Trading (Fourex and New York Stock Exchange, Frankfurt) the European Central Bank, with other relevent data infrastructure sites in the Franfurt region. A series of live streams taken from the network infrastructure sites, data centres, network hubs and US military facilities was played back through the desktop of subscribers, exploiting the materiality of its subject. Developed with Field Broadcast the work was first streamed during the show in June 2014. (see image above and link to exhibition here). The work was shown alongside 'Dislocated Data Palm', a 15 metre high cell communication tower camouflaged as a Palm Tree, and cut in half and suspended inside the gallery. The work is now a specimen in the Office of Experiments Infrastructure Collection.

the 1x1project. Part of 'Suspension of Disbelief' and 5x5 Festival in Washington DC 2012 - -
Office of Experiments Steve Rowell curated Neal White and Irish artist Tina O'Connell in this public art project examing the social, personal and environmental resonances of the Tsunami and Fukushima Diaichi disaster in Japan last year. The project was commissioned for the 5x5 Festival as part of the Centenary Celebrations of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC by the DCAAH. The project which was based at Transformer on P Street was shown along other artists in the programme:
Kunst Republik
Lize Mogel
Deborah Stratman and Steve Badgett
Charles Stankievech

Other Recent

Experimental Ruins - Setember 2012
"The fascinating history and geography of post-1945 scientific research and testing facilities and spaces created to house technological advances were often developed around the periphery of the Capital. These uncharted parts of our post-war heritage are remarkably under-explored and face threats of redevelopment and loss, this collaboration with London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre will record outer London's Experimental Ruins." Please follow this link to our sponsor Arts Catalyst.

New York... Association of American Geographers Panel - New York Feb 2012. Ruinations: Violence, snafu and porn. Office of Experiments Director Neal White presented a talk on Institutional Ruination and Catastrophe and Steve Rowell discussed his research with CLUI around the infrastructures of catastrophe. Other members of the panel included the founders of the Detroit Unreal Estate Agency, Andrew Herscher and Mirielle Roddler, Stephen Graham and Anya Sorita. Convenered by Dr Angela Last.

O is for Overt Research
Office of Experiments research utilising Overt Research techniques has featured under the letter 'O' for Overt Research in David Evans recent publication 'Critical Dictionary'. We also exhibited an installation of photographic dcumentation in the accompanying exhibition at BlackDog in London. See This is Tomorrow.

One Day Field Guide to The Secrets of Portland. 14th May 2011
Another total artwork exploring one of OOE's favourite places in the UK, Portland in Dorset. With 36 experimenters visiting a range of sites that engaged with electronic warfare to cold war spy rings, we co-ordinated a mediated tour over six hours that featured new interviews with Mike Kenner, outlining some of the experimental activities undertaken by Porton Down on the unsuspecting public. Supported by Exlab.

Sites and Signts. Laurie Anderson, Trisha Brown, Gordon Matta-Clark Pioneers of the Downtown Scene, New York 1970s 3 March 2011 - 22 May 2011 at Barbican Gallery.
Neal White appeared with RationalRec to discuss the interstices and future history of scenes, events and sites with a comparative analysis of 'the between' as it happened in the UK and Europe and Matta-Clark's now infamous Fake Estates project.

Steve Rowell, OOE International Director worked with the Urban Field Research Unit and here posts on his recent tours organised with Stephen Graham in Newcastle. With support from Leverhulme Trust.

Read Dr Gail Davis Geoforum Editorial - Where do Experiments End? Based on the experience of our Secrecy and Technology of the Cold War Bus Tour. Download PDF

The Mike Kenner Archive - Experimental Society 6/7/2010
The Mike Kenner Archive (ARC) appears in the exhibition that accompanies the final part of the Experimentality conferences at Lancaster University. More

Experimental Ruins 6/7/2010
Office of Experiments run a workshop on 'Experimental Ruins' with Dr. Gail Davis at UCL Department of Geography. More

Fieldworks from The Museum of the Void 28/6 -31/7/2010
Neal White, Founder and Director of Experiments, opens a solo exhibition at Chelsea Space, London. More

Office of Experiments - Blueprint Magazine
A six page full colour article on our ongoing Overt Research Project featured in April 2010. Click here for a full scan from Arts Catlyst as part of its recent press coverage. PDF - 27MB

Below: Office of Experiments is launched with the project 'Space on Earth Station', developed with Danish Architect Group; N55. Camden Roundhouse, 2004-6.


The Office of Experiments* is an independent non-legal entity that avoids any single institutional dependancy or academic affiliations, and instead relies on the enthusiam of critical researchers and thinkers who recognise that the greatest contribution of art to society is art itself.

* Slippages may occur due to the topological nature of institutions, practitioners, an inversions of interior and exterior. The inverted glove effect.