Office of Experiments is a loose structure that according to project consists of artists, academics, scientists, curators, amateur enthusiasts and activists.

We have been undertaking 'experimental' projects that adhere to our principles and articles, since 2004-5, when the structure was established following a collaboration between artist Neal White and the social architecture group N55(DK).

In 2008 Steve Rowell, who works with the Center for Land Use Interpretation and Simparch, became a core member as part of the Overt Research Project as the Independent Research Director (International). He is currently based in Washington, USA. The other key member is Lisa Haskell, who has been working as Technical Director on the Overt Research Project for 18 months. Lisa has been working with networks of media arts organisations for many years.

Office of Experiments has a commitment to seed the future for an indepenedent collective practice. Our aim is to develop autonomous resources such as archives, databases, publications and fieldguides, through which we can draw material evidence and interpretive speculation on the fabric of sites, spaces and events. In doing so, we hope to open and create alternative public resources that will inform the broader imaginary, perception, engagement and critical response to the scale, time base and structures of the rational world.

As a group we are working from situational perspective and have learned much from working alongside critically engaged artists and organisations; John Latham (UK), O+I (formerly Artist Placement Group - UK), Center for Land Use Interpretation (USA), N55 (Architects - DK) as well as critical art and media/technology groups, innumerate production facilities, advanced knowledge-led institutions and leading exhibition spaces.