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The Expanded Field of Contemporary Art

Office of Experiments artist-led projects operate in the sites and the non-sites of art (Smithson) – both within and beyond gallery and museum spaces. This area of post-conceptual art (Osborne) has grown out of a drive towards collaborative practice situated in the expanded field of art. This idea of the expanded field, first associated with Land Art (Krauss) referred in its most simple reading to the integration of sculpture into architecture and landscape rather than set against it, has now developed new qualities. Associated with research driven practices, often collaborative in nature, and operating across or in conflict with exising knowledge disciplines, it leads to artworks which are process-led, trasnformative and social in nature. Our work in the expanded field of contemporary art therefore operates within diffenet economies, our fieldworks hack into standard research approaches, both methodologically and technologically, disrupting the norms of representation, research and anlysis and offering unique, situated and responsive modes of engagement with our subjects of study.

Neal White.
Artist, founder and Director of Office of Experiments


Image: Fragment from ‘Neal White realises a Skoob Tower’ – Henry Moore Institute, Leeds 2016 .